WE ARE HERE NOW, with you as always, come in love and joy to comfort and to guide you.

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Martin’s Messages

Here you’ll find, as one client expressed,
“Guidance that is extraordinary and a perspective that is profound.”

There is more to life than just what we see. If you have found your way to this website, it is no mistake. You are becoming awake, aware and energized in order to shift into a higher level of spiritual understanding and growth.

The time is right, Martin explains, for us to be reminded of our divine origins and potential. The time is right for You to hear Martin’s Messages.


Susan’s private practice is located in Montgomery Village, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C.

Reach out to Susan by telephone at 301-977-4536 or email at Susan@martinsmessages.com

Susan Q. Driscoll, M.A., holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and has worked in both agency and academic environments. She knew early in life that she had the ability to connect with Source Energy and, once she believed in and embraced her gifts, Susan began working with “Martin” energy in 1995. 

Martin communicates messages of Universal Wisdom from Source through Susan in the tradition of well-known channels such as Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts.

“There is a great change taking place on this globe, change which ripples throughout the universe. It is time for humanity to grab its potential and to manifest that which is the birthright of each individual who is incarnate at this time. That birthright is to tap into the true God Source that is within.”


Martin is an ascended master and the ancient messenger representing a group of energetic beings of Universal Source. He acts as spokesperson because he was the only entity to incarnate, having once been a little boy living on the streets of Calcutta, India, during the (~1750s) British colonial wars. Martin lovingly, even humorously, guides us to cultivate the knowledge and abilities we already possess in order to joyously fulfill our purpose.

Martin’s Messages

Universal Wisdom from Source for Every Season

“And so dear friends we are most pleased to be here with you on the occasion of the Spring Equinox, which is an occasion of great celebration, for the earth comes to be reborn, and humanity at this time is ready to be re-born.”

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Work With Susan

If you’re looking for insight about everyday challenges from an alternative resource, Individual and Group channeling sessions are an opportunity to tap into something larger than yourself in a safe and supportive environment. You might receive information on career choices, relationships, your health or finances. You may also be gifted with messages concerning the spiritual realm such as past life experiences, messages from spirit guides, karmic lessons or your soul missions.

Channeled Attunements

Attunement is a spiritual modality which supports you in being more aware, making aware, bringing into harmony, and creating better understanding of what is needed or wanted. Spiritual attunement sessions focus on your personal growth and development on the spiritual path.  These Individual appointments can be held in person or via telephone.

Guided Group Meditation

Meditation can help you to balance your emotions, deal with physical and psychological distress, and promotes peace of mind. If meditating on your own has been a challenge, a guide can walk you step-by-step through a meditative experience. The collective energy of these Group sessions will often enhance your overall experience.

The video presented above is an example of a group session. All channeling sessions are held by appointment only.

Akashic Readings

When you understand your past, you are better prepared to effectively deal with present day challenges and move toward living a life you love. These highly interactive readings, available to both Individuals and Groups, allow for the understanding of past incarnation experiences and how those experiences contribute to current life situations.

As humanity prepares to make an exciting leap forward, Martin instructs us that old patterns must be changed to make way for the new. This time of chaos and disruption on the environmental, political, economic and personal levels is actually an invitation – a call from Universal Source to be co-creators of a radically new, collaborative paradigm.

Contact Susan

Susan’s private practice is located in Montgomery Village, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C. She offers individual channeling sessions in person or via telephone.  Group channeling sessions are held at various locations around the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area. Additionally, Martin and Susan travel around the country and arrangements can be made to have them to speak with your group.

To arrange a discovery call before you schedule, reach out to Susan by telephone at 301-977-4536 or use our contact form below:

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